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Product Lineup

Analytics (AI / machine learning)
GridData Analytics

Analysis model generation / evaluation / execution

GridData Analytics Server

Base for conducting analysis using AI and machine learning (analysis tool and inference engine execution environment)

Rich analysis algorithm
Deep learning support
Multi-user support

Parallel distributed processing

GridData Analytics Scale Server

Option to perform analysis model generation / evaluation / execution in parallel distributed processing

Data Lake
GridData Lake

Unstructured data storage

GridData Lake Server

Basic product with data storage area (data lake) for storing various data in the enterprise, agent for collecting data, editing function for processing data

Accumulate data regardless of data structure or meaning
Process and edit data as needed
Scalable architecture

High-speed large-capacity data storage parallel distributed processing


GridDB Standard Edition

NoSQL type database with high performance scalability and high availability suitable for high-speed processing of huge IoT data

GridDB Advanced Edition

NewSQL type database that adds RDB usability such as SQL support while taking advantage of GridDB Standard Edition