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Factory IoT Platform

Manufacturing IoT data collection solution

Edge-rich computing for real-time, advanced processing near work sites

This solution connects with the manufacturing data platform “Meister DigitalTwin” to further increase the value of IoT data.
In addition to the applications linked with DigitalTwin, it also provides consulting for data utilization and a data analysis service that includes the utilization of the latest AI technology.



Add sensors and transmission functions after installation and externally

  • Our embedded software development technologies cultivated over many long years enable sensors to be connected to existing manufacturing equipment and other equipment after installation and externally to gather IoT data

Edge-rich computing for real-time, advanced processing near work sites

  • Software specialized in edge processing for data transmission control, event detection, and other types of processing (SmartEDA®) is applied for real-time, advanced processing at edges
  • Data confidentiality can be protected, and communication load can be reduced, with edge-computing technologies near work sites
  • Support for edge processing based on AI decision models, etc.

System construction is not required and off-line usage is available

  • Multi-protocol support for connecting the devices and equipment of various manufacturers
  • Support for system construction from edges to the cloud, as well as the selection of sensors for various applications


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