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Factory IoT Platform

Manufacturing data platform

Stores manufacturing big data to optimize value chains, with detailed connections between product lifecycle business data and on-site IoT data

In order to accelerate digital transformation, a new data platform is required to support real-time data integration from sites to management (vertical integration) and seamless data integration regarding the product lifecycle (horizontal integration).
We provide an integrated data connection platform that enables the visualization and analysis of data over the entire product lifecycle, using high-speed big data infrastructure and integrated data models created from a wide range of manufacturing experience.



Data models that cover the entire product lifecycle and link management and work sites

  • Links data in real time from manufacturing sites to management, which enables the prompt transmission of on-site circumstances, even to management, for decision-making (vertical data integration)
  • Links data throughout the entire product lifecycle—from product planning to design, production, operation, and maintenance—which is helpful for understanding how products are used. This makes data useful for product planning and optimizing the overall product lifecycle (horizontal data integration).

Reduces labor and time for data processing and management

  • Significantly reduces time needed for processing data by utilizing integrated data models covering the entire product lifecycle in digital spaces

High-speed big data processing

  • Utilizes high-speed big data infrastructure that is used for social infrastructure and other purposes to quickly process large volumes of data, of the millisecond unit, output by various devices and sensors


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