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Factory IoT Platform

Manufacturing IoT data utilization application

Advanced utilization of DigitalTwin
Utilizing IoT data to support manufacturing innovation

This solution connects with the manufacturing data platform "Meister DigitalTwin" to further increase the value of IoT data.
In addition to the applications linked with DigitalTwin, it also provides consulting for data utilization and a data analysis service that includes the utilization of the latest AI technology.


Traceability template

This function traces where, when, and how the relevant product was made and how much it has spread when an in-process or post shipment defect arises
Enables traceability in the age of IoT by using information that includes the IoT data of the manufacturing process to infer fault cause patterns

Utility visualization template

This function monitors the operation status of factory utility facilities and the sensor values of external sensors, etc. to assist the early detection of facility abnormalities

Factory visualization template

This function displays production progress, facility events, and quality-related alerts as diagrams and graphs to assist the awareness of points for improvement

Analysis data output template

This function extracts product basis data on various conditions across processes to enable the analysis and utilization of the IoT data and business data stored in DigitalTwin


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