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Factory IoT Platform


Positioning of solutions

Toshiba's IoT "SPINEX" gathers the experience and knowledge of a wide range of business domains together with the AI and digital technologies of Toshiba to achieve a CPS for optimal on-site control by digitally analyzing data collected in the real world. The "Meister Series" is a solution for the manufacturing industry in the manufacturing field of Toshiba's IoT "SPINEX". It gathers the production technology and manufacturing expertise cultivated by the Toshiba Group to achieve the effective utilization, collection, and storage of IoT data in the manufacturing industry, and assists further manufacturing innovation.


The required solutions can be combined and used, according to the issues faced by the customer. Meister Visualizer Tools is also provided as a dedicated development environment for the Meister Series to enable application development by customers and partner companies.

IoT data utilization solution for manufacturing
Meister Apps™
This solution connects with the data connection platform for manufacturing “Meister DigitalTwin” to further increase the value of IoT data.
In addition to the applications linked with DigitalTwin, it also provides a consulting for data utilization and a data analysis service that includes the utilization of the latest AI technology.

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Data connection platform for manufacturing
Meister DigitalTwin™
In order to achieve advanced manufacturing that optimizes the value chain, a new data platform is required to support real-time data integration from sites to management (vertical integration) and seamless data integration regarding the product lifecycle (horizontal integration). We provide an integrated data utilization platform that enables the visualization and analysis of data over the entire product lifecycle, using high-speed big data infrastructure and integrated data models created from a wide range of manufacturing experience.

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IoT data collection solution for the manufacturing industry
Meister IoT™
This solution connects various products and devices to a network and conducts real-time, advanced processing at the edges. Easily add sensors and transmission functions that collect data to products, devices, and other items, after installation and externally. Data is processed at the edges, enabling on-site, real-time processing that was hard to achieve with cloud computing alone.

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