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Factory IoT Platform

Factory IoT Platform

The global manufacturing environment is currently entering an era of great innovation, as people are advocating for the concepts of "INDUSTRIE 4.0" and "Industrial Internet." This is a revolution in the manufacturing industry oriented toward the next generation. In addition to achieving higher productivity and quality than ever before by optimizing entire value chains in the manufacturing industry, it will be necessary to provide products and services with better usage value by knowing how individual customers use them. Toshiba offers the manufacturing IoT solutions "Meister Series" as ICT solutions to support this innovation.



Solutions based on the expertise and know-how that only a manufacturer can offer

  • Increase yield rates and achieve more efficient production utilizing the IoT and big data at manufacturing sites
  • Improve operating rates with equipment remote monitoring and maintenance

CPS* with Digital Twins for the manufacturing industry

  • Utilize data models covering manufacturing value chains
  • Reproduce past and current event data in detail in digital spaces and make it available

*Cyber physical system


Total IoT solutions, from edge to fog/cloud, via IoT architecture for the manufacturing industry

  • IoT services leveraging industry knowledge and machinery know-how
  • Optimal service formats for customers through global partnerships

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