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Privacy Policy

Revised: June 24, 2014
Established: October 25, 2001

Toshiba Solutions Corp. (hereinafter referred to as Our Company) is a company who is handling personal data. Our Company believes that it is its social responsibility as well as the basis of our business activities to protect personal data.

Our Company hereby declares that it establishes a personal data protection policy to protect and manage personal data appropriately and securely.

1. Comply with laws and regulations.
As a company which has acquired the Privacy Mark, Our Company complies with the guideline of an organization with which Our Company is affiliated (Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association), and complies with the laws concerning personal data handling, the guideline established by Japanese government, and other rules.
2. Establish internal regulations, and ensure that all officers and employees (hereinafter referred to as employees) recognize the regulations.
Our Company shall establish a control system concerning personal data protection, set internal regulations, and implement and steadfastly maintain a personal data protection management system. At the same time, Our Company shall continue to review and improve these systems.
3. Handle personal data for intended use.
Our Company shall clearly indicate the intended use and deal with your personal data you have provided to the extent necessary to achieve the intended use. Our Company shall not disclose or provide the personal data to third parties without consent of customers and employees, except when disclosure or provision is requested by laws and regulations.
4. Control personal data safely.
Our Company shall take organizational and technical safety measures, prevent illegal access, leak, loss or damage of such data, and continue to improve information security in order to ensure safety and accuracy of personal data.
5. Respond to inquiries from customers sincerely.
Our Company shall sincerely respond to any inquiries on personal data and to any requests of disclosure, correction, cessation of use, and deletion of personal data made by customers and employees.

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The Privacy Mark

Privacy Mark
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In January 2002, Our Company acquired Privacy Mark.

The Privacy Mark is awarded to companies that appropriately handle personal data by Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (currently, Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community) (JIPDEC).

Provision of Personal Data

1. Intended Use of Personal Data

Our Company intends to use personal data of customers solely for the following purposes:

  • Proper execution of agreement on contracted operations in case of being commissioned to handle personal data in part or whole by other companies.
  • Execution of contracts
  • Business communication, negotiations or meetings with customers
  • Sending information about product, support or services
  • Sending information about exhibitions and seminars held by Our Company.
  • Conduct of questionnaire surveys, implementation of product and service monitoring programs
  • Sending e-mail newsletters requested by the customer
  • Responses to inquiries and requests from customers
  • Other intended uses clearly indicated by Our Company in advance, to which the customer has given prior consent. When the need to use a customer's personal data for any purpose that goes beyond the stated purpose of use arises, Our Company notifies the customer to that effect and obtains the customer's consent before using the information for such purpose.

2. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Data

  • (1) Our Company does not disclose or provide customers' personal data to third parties except in the following cases.
    • 1) When the customer has given prior consent to the disclosure
    • 2) When complying with laws and regulations
    • 3) When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
    • 4) When Our Company consigns the handling of personal data to outside companies in accordance with a consignment agreement. In this case, Our Company concludes an agreement on the handling of personal data, appropriately supervises the personal data so that such data is controlled safely at the place of the consignee, and selects a consignee who meets the criteria established by Our Company,
    • 5) When another entity succeeds to the business of Our Company due to a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business or otherwise.
  • (2) Notwithstanding (1) above, when it is deemed that an inquiry from a customer concerning products, repairs, or service can be more appropriately dealt with by an affiliate or distributor, Our Company may provide the customer's name, address, telephone number and other information to the affiliate or distributor. In such a case, the customer may request us to stop disclosing such information to such affiliate or distributor.

Personal Data
Protection Manager
Director: Takaaki Kuribara

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Inquiries Concerning Personal Data

  • Customers should direct inquiries or complaints concerning their personal data to the division with which they have registered the data.
  • Inquiries when the division where you have registered personal data is unclear or inquiries about the Personal Data Protection Policy in general should be directed to Inquiries to Toshiba Solutions Corp. below.

Procedures for Requests for Disclosure etc.

Our Company complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer's personal data held by us, pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Please refer to Procedures concerning Requests for Disclosure etc., by Documents for details of request procedures and how to obtain request forms specified by Our Company.

Please note that there is a fee charged for 1) Requests for disclosure and 2) Requests for notification of intended use.

  • 1) Request for disclosure
  • 2) Request for notification of intended use
  • 3) Request for correction
  • 4) Request for addition
  • 5) Request for deletion
  • 6) Request for cessation of use or cessation of disclosure to third parties

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Use of Cookies

  • (1) "Cookies" are small packets of information that Web servers transmit to visitors' or users' browsers for the effective operation of the Internet, which may be stored on the customer's disk as files. Use of cookies enables the web server to record the websites the customer has visited.
    Use of cookies can identify the computer used by the customer. However, it cannot identify the user individually.
  • (2) Our Company may use the customer's IP address recorded on the web server (the number which can identify the computer used by the customer) for the following purposes. The IP address cannot identify the user individually.
    • Detect the cause to solve a problem that occurred with the web server.
    • Manage the web server.
  • (3) Our Company's web server may use cookies for the following purposes:
    • Improve the contents of websites or e-mails in order to better meet your individual expectations or requirements, and customize or personalize such contents.
    • We may disclose data which has statistically processed information obtained by use of cookies. Please note that such data does not contain any information which can identify the customer individually.
  • (4) The customer can set browsers to refuse cookies or to provide warning whenever cookies are received.

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Other matters

  • (1) Please note that some services provided by Our Company may not be available if the customer does not provide personal data.
  • (2) Children 15 years old or under should provide their personal data to Our Company only after obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian.
  • (3) When Our Company supports customers by phone, the customers' phone calls may be recorded so that their comments and requests can be accurately understood
  • (4) Our Company disclaims any responsibility for the security of customers' personal data used on third party websites that are linked from Our Company's website.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Data

Please read the following notes before making an inquiry.

Personal Data Protection Group, Toshiba Solutions Corporation

Business Hours: 9:00-17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and company holidays)