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Photo of President and CEO,	Hironobu Nishikori
President and CEO,
Hironobu Nishikori

Toshiba Solutions Corporation's basic stance is to share a variety of issues with customers in order to realize customer growth and prosperity and work to innovate management together with customers as a partner to create a better business environment.
Under this basic stance, we utilize our broad range of system architecture experience and proven results built up in coordination with customers, as well as our own original technologies and support strength, with sales, technology and development departments working together, to provide reliable and fast solutions and services to meet customers varied needs. In addition, we also support society and customers as the company which handles all IT within the TOSHIBA Group.

In the drastically changing market environment, we concentrate “human strength” , “technology strength” and “support strength” to create the future for customers, society and the Toshiba Solutions Group.

We also firmly believe that as we expand our business, dealing with CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ), protection of personal information and environmental problems are connected to the growth and prosperity of customers and society. We actively participate in these activities and aim to be the No. 1 solutions partner by continually working to improve customer satisfaction and acquiring the highest evaluations and trust.

Hereafter, we will continue to contribute to the daily development of our customers and the creation of an affluent society by providing our solutions and services and thank you in advance for your continued support and patronage.