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We provide “total solutions” which lead to the best possible resolution of issues from the customer's point of view.

Industry Solutions

With consultation services and field know-how covering a broad range of industries, we provide system integration services for solving your business problems.

  • Cloud-based Transit Scheduling System TrueLine® [Website]
    (Toshiba Corporation)

Business Solutions

We provide software solutions and services for managing and enhancing your business, based on our own expertise and best practices from various industries.

Platform Solutions

Optimum services and products are combined as necessary to meet the customer requirements into a platform supporting the system foundation, and are offered as a solution to your problem.

Embedded Solutions

With the background of top technology and rich experience and performance, we create new forms of solutions and systems for a broad range of industrial sectors.

Technologies and Research Supporting Solutions

Advanced Production Technologies

We are seeking the minimum production volume by a thorough schematic design that adopts the latest and optimal technologies. There is a facility called “Manufacturing Engineering Center” which develops these advanced production technologies and provides them to customers seeking the highest quality, shortest work period and optimal cost.

Advanced Research and Development

We are actively promoting development of technologies. In the “IT Engineering Laboratory”, we intensively develop core technologies that will be required for solutions a few years later. For example, we are working on technical fields which are expected to be important in the future; information security, utilization of information and knowledge, and software development technology. In addition, we are also working on development of new solutions applying these technologies. Toshiba Research & Development Center is used to develop IT basic technologies such as Japanese language processing, sound/image processing and knowledge discovery. Thus, we cover a wide variety of engineering fields including applied technology research at our company, and basic research at Toshiba Corp.

Among many system integrators, few of them have such a satisfying research sector. It is our strength to provide deep solutions based on the research outcome from such a sector.

A Driving Force Supporting Toshiba Solutions Corp.
- Manufacturing DNA -

We, Toshiba, have a long period of tradition keeping pace with the history of computers in Japan. We have developed and provided general-purpose computers, office computers, process computers, etc., to play an important role in the high economic growth of Japan. After a period of open migration, now computer systems need to quickly respond to the change of global business environment by the use of cloud computing which does not “own” but “use” systems. In such changes in the business environment, as the only IT company belonging to Toshiba Group, we have developed our strength in technologies by developing computer hardware and software by ourselves. Now, IT has secured an important place and become a lifeline to support society and company processes. Our strength is that we have high-level technology developed by the construction of various IT systems, that we have a service network throughout Japan, and that our professional engineers support operation and maintenance of the customer’s system for 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We will go on creating the future together with our customers with “People”, “Technology”, and “Support”.