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Visualization & Remote Monitoring Service

IoT Standard Pack

OUR ADVANTAGE :Flexible Service Menu, Collaboration with Applications, Scalability

  • IoT Standard Pack

    The remote monitoring technology based on Toshiba’s know-how is now pursuing further “Scalability”. You can select necessary services for visualization and further, in line with your business model, which is one to one IoT solution.


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Flexible Service Menu
Able to select the services depending on your needs / requirements

Collaboration with Applications
Able to collaborate with various Apps. Also, able to develop your own App in future.

Able to start with small number of target devices and to add or delete them easily.

Case 1

To realize the stable operation and accelerate sales of the genuine parts by catching the operating and abnormal situation.
(For Utility facility manufacturer)

Caused a new trouble by using ungenuine parts in a maintenance the old machine.

Utilize the operation data to propose the replacement to accelerate the genuine part by predicting the suitable maintenance.

Case 2

To expand the service business by providing suitable operating service as easily understand the result.
(For water treatment facility manufacturer)

Struggle with changing the biz model to the service which directly connected to CS( ) and to expand sales revenue.

Utilize the collected data for operation service biz of providing the eco operation.

CS: Customer Satisfaction

Product/Service Menu


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